Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it (George Santayana, 1863-1952)
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Publishing Ethics

The Editorial Board of the Yearbook decides which articles will be published. In the process of evaluating the articles proposed for publication, the Editorial Board will only consider the intellectual content of the materials without being influenced by other elements such as race, sex, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, ethnic origin, citizenship or political orientation of the authors. Publishers will reject any material with potentially defamatory content, suspected of plagiarism or which violates applicable copyright laws.

The confidentiality of the articles is kept until published. If publishers decide that an article will not be published, the manuscript will not be used for other purposes without the author's written consent. The Reviewers of the Yearbook support the editorial of the magazine in the decision to publish a manuscript. Reviewers can contribute, through suggestions made to the authors, to improving the materials proposed for publication. In order to achieve this goal, the reviewers will objectively evaluate the manuscripts sent by the authors and will present in a clear manner the point of view of the materials in the standard evaluation form of the journal that will be made available to them. Reviewers are required to treat the materials received for evaluation as confidential. The communication on the articles proposed for publication will be made exclusively between the reviewers and the editorial board.

The authors who send manuscripts to the Yearbook will write their papers in accordance with the publication rules of the magazine. Authors should ensure that their manuscripts are entirely original, and when using papers by other authors, they will be quoted appropriately. Any suspicion of plagiarism will be automatically followed by the rejection of the manuscript. The authors will not submit for publication materials that have been published in other magazines or volumes. The attempt to publish the same material in several magazines is unethical and unscientific behavior. The author is obliged, if he discovers a significant mistake in his / her text, to announce the editorial of the magazine and to cooperate with it in order to correct the material. Problems related to copyrighted material in the text of the manuscript sent to the editorial office are resolved by the authors before handing over the manuscript.