Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it (George Santayana, 1863-1952)
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Editorial Guidlines

The study paper will usually have 15 pages (but not more than 20 pages) of A4, with margins of 2.50 cm. It will be written using all the spelling rules of the language in which it is edited and will be sent to the editorial office electronically.

The basic text of the manuscript will be written in Word editor with Times New Roman font, size 12pt., 1.5 lines. All tables and figures (object format) must be named and numbered (referenced in the text of the paper: table x, fig. or figure x). The footnotes are written in single line, Times New Roman font, 10 pt, so that the following can be easily read: The author / authors (first name and last name in normal characters and comma only between authors), the title of the paper (italics), the coordinator of the paper (adding to the first name and last name in brackets, coord., ed. or eds., where applicable), place of publishing(town and country, as the case may be), publishing house(complete name), publication year of the quoted paper and page or pages (from which it is quoted). When the paper is from a periodical, that periodical is written between quotation marks (normal characters), after the title. When quoting a work from another work, the first written is the author (normal characters) and the title (italics) of the first work, and then all the data for the second work, in the order already mentioned above.

The manuscript will have and abstract, both in Romanian and English. Also, if the texts submitted are in languages other than Romanian, the authors must ensure the quality of the translation; the translated abstracts must be checked by a specialist. The abstract, written in Times New Roman, font of 10 pt and single line, will not exceed 300 words and will be placed at the beginning of the manuscript, after the title, the author's name and the institution (if any) under which the author carries out his scientific work. The title of the paper will be written in the language in which the basic text is written and will also be translated in English. The title should not exceed 150 characters (including spaces). Continuing the abstract, a minimum of five keywords will be written in the English language. Materials for the "Debates and Viewpoints" column should not exceed 10 pages, edited as the studies. For the Reviews /Bibliographic Notes column, only recent papers (up to 4 years old) are accepted. Reviews will have a maximum of 4 pages.

The manuscripts will be accompanied by a short presentation of the author (academic rank, institutional affiliation, e-mail address). The Editorial Board reserves the right to reject materials of no scientific value and may require authors to review the texts in order to meet the professional requirements specific to the journal. Also, the editorial does not accept articles that have been published in other magazines or volumes. Materials are sent to

The authors are fully responsible for the scientific content of the texts, correct citations and bibliographic references in order to avoid any suspicion of plagiarism. See the Publishing Ethics on the Yearbook's website.