Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it (George Santayana, 1863-1952)
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Editorial Guidlines

The manuscript of a study will have about 15-20 pages A4, with 2,75 cm margins. It will be written using the orthographic rules of the language in which is edited and will be send to the editorial, with the same content, via mail and on paper support.
The basic text of the manuscript will be edited using the Word editor and Times New Roman font, size 12, at one and half line. All the tables and figures (object format) have to be named and numbered (in the body text: table x, figure y etc). The footnotes are written at one line, using Times New Roman font, size 10, so that could be easily read the followings: the author, (first name and name, with capitals and comma only between names), title of the work (with italics), coordinator (first name, name and coord. or edit.), place of publishing (town and country when is necessary), publishing house (full name), publishing year of the quoting work (page or pages from is quoted). When the work is published into a periodical, that periodical is written between quotations (with capitals) after title. When is quoted a work from another work, first is written the author (in capitals) and title (in italics) of the first work and then all data for the second work in the order already mentioned.
An abstract (written into an international language: English, French, German) will be joined to the manuscript. The abstract, Times New Roman font, size 10, at one line, will not be longer than half of page and will be put at the beginning of the manuscript, after title, name of the author and the institution (if any) which the author represent. The title will be written in English and in the original language of the text, when this is different than English.
The abstract will be followed by the few key words in the same language.
The materials for the column "Opinions and Debates" would not overpass 10 pages, edited in the same way as the studies.
Can be received works (with title in English) early published (no more than 5 years) for be reviewed or reviews in maximum 5 pages.
At each manuscript will be attached a short presentation of the author (academic titles, scientific institution, if any, fields of expertise, contact address).

Instructions to authors

Being published under the auspices of the Publishing House of Romanian Academy, texts must meet Minimum Standards of Manuscripts Presentation developed by this institution, displayed on the website of the Publishing House of the Romanian Academy, which can be accessed here.