The manuscript will have, as a rule 15 pages (but not more than 20 pages) A4, with 2.50 cm margins. It will be written using all the spelling rules of the language in which it is edited and will be sent to the editorial office, in editable electronic format. The basic text of the manuscript will be edited with the Word editor and Times New Roman font, size 12 pt, to 1.5 rows. All tables and figures (object format) must have names and be numbered (referred to in the text of the work: table x; fig. or figure x). The journal uses the citation system established by the Romanian Academy.

Footnotes are written on one line, with Times New Roman font, 10 pt, in such a way that the following can be easily noted: Author/authors (first name and last name, with straight characters and a comma only between authors), the title of the work (in italics, italics), the coordinator of the work (adding, to the first and last name, in parentheses, coord., ed. or eds., as the case may be), Place of publication (locality and country - when applicable), publishing house ( full name), the year of publication of the cited work and the page or pages (from which it is cited). When the work appears in a periodical, that periodical is written in quotation marks (with straight characters), after the title. The manuscript will be accompanied by a summary, both in Romanian and in English. If the texts sent are in languages other than Romanian, the authors must ensure the quality of the translation and proofreading; likewise, translated summaries must be checked by a proof reading specialist. The abstract, written in 10 pt Times New Roman font and on one line, will not exceed 300 words and will be placed at the beginning of the manuscript, according to the title, the name of the author and the institution (if any) under whose auspices the author carries out his scientific activity. The title of the paper will be provided in the language in which the basic text is written and must be translated into English as well. The title should not exceed 150 characters (including spaces). At least five key words will be written in English.

For the Book Reviews section, are accepted (up to 4 years old) recently published works. Book Reviews will have a maximum of 4 pages. Manuscripts will be accompanied by a brief presentation of the author (scientific titles, institution of affiliation, e-mail address).