5 AWS Cloud Engineer Resume Examples & Guide for 2023

A cloud engineer is someone who builds cloud infrastructure, troubleshoots it, and updates it. He must deeply understand cloud platforms such as Google Cloud, AWS, and Microsoft Azure. Considering you’ll also be developing the cloud, you should also be familiar with programming languages like Python, Java, or Ruby. Yet, a cloud engineer’s role will also depend on their company’s needs.

Research to find out what system the company used previously and list that system in your skills section. They are a great alternative to in-house servers because they provide more reliability and accessibility. Speed up your resume creation process with the AI-Powered Resume Builder. Generate tailored achievements https://remotemode.net/ in seconds for every role you apply to. Being an AWS engineer or developer doesn’t necessarily mean you’re strictly an indoorsman with porcelain white skin. Chances are you have hobbies, interests, and passions—some of which may even benefit your work in AWS, and in turn grab the recruiter’s attention.

What’s your job?

For instance, make sure to highlight your work email address, work mobile number, and the current location of your home. Follow the lead of established AWS architects and developers and add links to your LinkedIn and GitHub profiles to further showcase your expertise and experience. It may seem too obvious to add personal details, but you’d be surprised at how many job candidates include information that often gets misconstrued. In this section of your AWS resume, your objective should be to summarize the details of your personal information succinctly rather than in long sentences.

aws cloud engineer resume

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How To Write a Resume Summary for an AWS Resume

AWS has multiple coding tools that allow you to work on a high-performing serverless platform. Lambda, in particular, is a computing platform that helps aws cloud engineer you run code without the need for managing servers. If you are an AWS developer, you should be familiar with this tool and indicate it on your resume.

aws cloud engineer resume